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Dependency and Structure Modelling for stakeholder management: an example in Landscape Regeneration

Valeria Pannunzio, Laurie Friday, Timoleon Kipouros, P. John Clarkson // 2023
Stakeholder management often is a complex process in large, multidisciplinary projects with systemic implications. In this contribution, we adopt a systems engineering approach to stakeholder ...


Reichelt, Florian (1); Traub, Dietmar (2); Maier, Thomas (1) // 2023
The number of publications on methods in product development is increasing constantly. In addition to scientific models, method guidelines exist in practice to support the selection of suitable ...

Descriptive attributes of analysis use cases in the data-driven validation of elements in the system of objectives

Wagenmann, Steffen (1,2); Weidinger, Felicia (1); Schöck, Moritz (2); Albers, Albert (2); Bursac, Nikola (3) // 2023
Usage data of reference systems can be analyzed in the development process for the validation of system elements. The process model for data-driven validation of elements in the system of objectives ...


Curralo, Ana Filomena; Curado, António; Nunes, Leonel; Lopes, Sergio Ivan // 2023
Design is a creative and innovative process that takes advantage of engineering's technical knowledge to develop products, services, and benefits for a consumption-driven society. This article ...

Design of a teleoperation user interface for shared control of highly automated agricultural machinesS

Lorenz, Sebastian // 2023
This paper presents a focused examination of critical performance and design issues for the introduction of highly automated tractors and their user interfaces in agriculture. An industry that as of ...

Design optimization for environmental sustainability: a framework to select the best eco-design strategy

Cappelletti, Federica;Manuguerra, Luca;Rossi, Marta;Germani, Michele;Sartini, Mikhailo // 2023
Environmental sustainability represents an unavoidable design driver. The consciousness of the importance of tackle the topic of environmental sustainability since the first stages of the product ...

Design Process Modelling to Measure Engineering Productivity in Building Design

Wong, Yvonne Yu Bing; Joyce, Sam Conrad; Blessing, Lucienne // 2023
A multi-domain Matrix (MDM) is used to identify and analyse rework loops within the Building Design (BD) process caused by building regulations. To model this process, we used information from ...

Designer Productivity Management in Building Design Using Multi-Domain Matrix Analyses

Yvonne Yu Bing Wong (1), Torben Beernaert (2), Sam Conrad Joyce (1), Lucienne Blessing (3) // 2023
Rework in Building Design (BD) processes has a multitude of impacts on the performance of construction projects. A Multi-Domain Matrix (MDM) is a modelling technique to identify and analyse the ...

Detecting and Characterizing Patterns of Failure in Complex Engineered Systems: an Ontology Development and Clustering Approach

Walsh, Hannah Scharline (1); Dong, Andy (2); Tumer, Irem (2); Brat, Guillaume (1) // 2023
While the causes of failures in complex engineered systems are often clear in hindsight, it can be challenging to predict failures proactively during the design of novel engineered products or ...


Brunzini, Agnese;Rossi, Marta;Mandolini, Marco;Cappelletti, Federica;Germani, Michele // 2023
Approximately 10% of hospitalized patients develops decubitus ulcers that quickly degenerates into chronic illness that reduces the quality of life and requires expensive clinical management. The use ...

Development Of A Virtual Experiment To Validate The Relationship Between Engineering Changes And Learning Curves Using Design Structure Matrices

Cas M.G. Verstappen, Alex Alblas, Pascal Etman // 2023
The increased demand for high-performing engineered products pushes manufacturing firms to introduce novel and more complex products at an ever-faster pace. This invokes major engineering changes in ...

Engineering Graph as an approach to support Design Decisions in Product Development

Schweitzer, Gregor (1); Bitzer, Michael (1); Vielhaber, Michael (2) // 2023
The requirements space is increasing due to non-functional areas such as security, resilience and sustainability gaining in importance. This creates a complex and dynamic space which makes it hard ...


Altun, Osman (1); Oladazimi, Pooya (2); Wawer, Max Leo (1); Raumel, Selina (3); Wurz, Marc (3); Barienti, Khemais (4); Nürnberger, Florian (4); Lachmayer, Roland (1); Mozgova, Iryna (5); Koepler, Oliver (2); Auer, Sören (2) // 2023
Complex research problems are increasingly addressed by interdisciplinary, collaborate research projects generating large amounts of heterogeneous amounts of data. The overarching processing, ...

Environmental labeling of electrical electronic equipment (EEE) in France: information for consumers

Bertrand, Axelle Noémie (1,2); Bauer, Tom (3); Charbuillet, Carole (3); Bonte, Martin (2); Voyer, Marie (2); Perry, Nicolas (1) // 2023
The current regulatory framework for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) is changing and now requires manufacturers to disclose the environmental performance of their products. This means that ...

Evolution of Innovation in Industry Life cycles: A Complex Network Perspective

Padhee, Soumyakant; Heydari, Babak // 2023
t to trace. Innovation measured by patent-citation networks (PCN) cannot be estimated solely by quantity, whereas quality-adjusted quantity measurements are still prone to bias. Our paper complement ...

Evolutionary Perspective on System Generation Engineering by the Example of the iPhone

Pfaff, Felix; Götz, Gregor Theodor; Rapp, Simon; Albers, Albert // 2023
Industrial practice shows that products are developed in generations. Innovation success with complex technical systems can only be achieved economically by using existing solutions as references. ...

Feasibility study on time saving potentials of automated workflows in the early design stage of bus body structures

Lukas Komm (1), Steve Sattler (2), Alexander Seidler (1), Kristin Paetzold-Byhain (1) // 2023
The huge variety in the commercial vehicle segment leads to an enormous amount of work during the development process as structural components or assemblies like bus body structures have to meet the ...

Flexibility Despite Dependencies And Constraints: Product Family Design With Solution-Compensation Spaces

Nicola Barthelmes (1), Stefan Sicklinger (2), Markus Zimmermann (1) // 2023
Optimization of components and commonality in a product family can be prohibitively expensive due to combinatorics. In a previously presented approach, numerical effort is significantly reduced by ...

From Physics To Project Management: A Multi-Domain Matrix Model For The Distributed Analysis Of Nuclear Fusion Systems

Torben Beernaert (1,3), Ad Verlaan (2), Pascal Etman (5), Peter Giesen (2), Erik Van Beekum (2), Mariana Ribeiro (3), Ines Bola (3), Lucas Moser (4), Maarten De Bock (4), Ivo Classen (1), Marco De Baar (1) // 2023
Nuclear fusion reactors operate in extreme and complex physical regimes. Predicting the behavior of these systems is essential for verification and validation, but requires the integration of diverse ...


Chen, Cheng; Carroll, Cody; Morkos, Beshoy // 2023
Smart manufacturing enterprises rely on adapting to rapid engineering changes while minimizing the generated risk. Making informed decisions related to engineering changes and managing risks against ...

Function driven assessment of manufacturing risks in concept generation stages

Brahma, Arindam (1);Panarotto, Massimo (1);Kipouros, Timoleon (2);Isaksson, Ola (1);Andersson, Petter (3);Clarkson, P. John (2) // 2023
Decisions made in the concept generation phase have a significant effect on the product. While product-related risks typically can be considered in the early stages of design, risks such as supply ...

GitHub for product development -- How could that look like?

Hackenberg, Georg; Zehetner, Christian; Frühwirth, Dominik // 2023
Product development is facing new challenges due to increasingly complex and individualized products in small batch sizes and short time to markets at high quality standards. Integrated product data ...

Identification and Retrieval of Relevant Information for Instantiating Digital Twins during the Construction of Process Plants

Layer, Max (1);Neubert, Sebastian (1);Tiemann, Lea (1);Stelzer, Ralph (2) // 2023
While volume-driven industries such as automotive are characterized by a high degree of data backflow across all production cycles, there is still a certain residue in the planning and construction ...

Identification of Perceived Relationships Between Environmental Performance Indicators in Ecodesign Projects: the Case of Rail Infrastructure Projects

Mansour Salamé, Joseph (1); Leroy, Yann (1); Saidani, Michael (1,2); Nicolaï, Isabelle (1) // 2023
Sharing information between stakeholders is a critical success factor for ecodesign projects. This sharing is based on indicators that can be interrelated, i.e., impacting each other.

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