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A survey of design reviews: Understanding differences by designer-roles and phase of development

Chen, James; Zucco, Gustavo; Olechowski, Alison // 2019
In this paper, we present the results of a survey of new product development practitioners regarding their design review experiences. We surveyed 128 product development professionals on their ...

A theoretical foundation for developing a prescriptive method for the co-design of circular economy value chains

Blomsma, Fenna; Pigosso, Daniela C.; McAloone, Tim C. // 2019
In order to operate in line with the circular economy (CE) concept, companies and other stakeholders need to work together to enable the circulation and cascading of resources. Although the need for ...

Agile Lightweight Design - the Extended Target Weighing Approach in ASD - Agile Systems Design using functional Modelling with the C&C?-Approach

Albers, Albert; Matthiesen, Sven; Revfi, Sven; Sch // 2019
The context of product development can be understood as transformation of needs into technical solutions under the continuous handling of uncertainties. These result particularly in early development ...

Agile Product Development: Features Identification and Application in the Electricity Sector

Ribeiro, Artur Tavares Vilas Boas (1); Leal, Lorenna Fernandes (1); do Amaral, Guilherme Soares Gurgel (2); Kahn, Ricardo (2); Pacci Evaristo, Bruno Guilherme (3); Rom // 2019
The electricity sector is in the midst of a structural change driven by new technologies. In Brazil, the electricity sector regulation has mechanisms to foster innovation, including investments in ...

An Approach to integrate risk management in cross-structure SysML-models

Kunnen, Steffen Georg; Adamenko, Dmytro; Pluhnau, Robin; Nagarajah, Arun // 2019
Demands on developers are increasing due to the growing complexity of products in engineering. As many different disciplines are involved in planning the communication and data exchange becomes ...

An Axiomatic Categorisation Framework for the Dynamic Alignment of Disparate Functions in Cyber-physical Systems

Byrne, Thomas J (1,2); Doikin, Aleksandr (1,2); Campean, Felician (1,2); Neagu, Daniel (1,2) // 2019
Advancing Industry 4.0 concepts by mapping the product of the automotive industry on the spectrum of Cyber Physical Systems, we immediately recognise the convoluted processes involved in the design ...

An Exploratory Study Comparing CAD Tools And Working Styles For Implementing Design Changes

Phadnis, Vrushank Shripad (1); Leonardo, Kevin Alfonso (1); Wallace, David Robert (1); Olechowski, Alison Louise (2) // 2019
This paper presents the findings of a preliminary study comparing implementation of design changes using various computer-aided design (CAD) working styles. Our study compares individuals? and pairs? ...

An introductory review of methods for the articulation of strategy in design

Simeone, Luca // 2019
This paper presents an introductory review of methods to articulate strategy in design. Articulation is here seen as a process in which strategy is more or less strictly and explicitly identified and ...

An Inventory of Creative Spaces: Innovative Organizations and their Workspace

Thoring, Katja (1,2); Mueller, Roland M. (3); Badke-Schaub, Petra (1); Desmet, Pieter (1) // 2019
Creative workspaces are becoming popular in many organizations. They are believed to support innovation efforts and creativity among employees. This paper presents spatial evidences of creative work ...

An Overview and Classification of Tolerance Compensation Methods

Aschenbrenner, Alexander; Schleich, Benjamin; Wartzack, Sandro // 2019
Technological advances as well as novel manufacturing and design paradigms, such as industry 4.0 and digitalization, offer new opportunities for innovative products. However, they also increase the ...

Analysis and evaluation in the early stages of designing resource efficient offerings: A comparison among large companies and small and medium enterprises

Brambila-Macias, Sergio Andres; Sakao, Tomohiko // 2019
In Europe there is a common vision to transform the economy into a sustainable one by 2050 which among other changes, calls for companies to address their offerings in a more resource-efficient ...

Analysis of Approaches of Tolerance Allocation regarding to Economic Efficiency

Gust, Peter; Sersch, Alina; Steger, Tobias; Schluer, Christoph // 2019
The aim of this paper is to examine the current state of research on tolerance-induced costs in Germany. Through a literature research already existing approaches for the determination of costs ...


Kind, Simon (1); Dybov, Anton (1); Buchholz, Christian (1); Stark, Rainer (1,2) // 2019
An increased level of product complexity to design individualized products, reduced time for development until delivery and a more interconnected and globalized way of cooperation are actual trends ...


Anderson, John C; Benjamin, Stacy // 2019
We present an approach for coaching design team members to give qualitative feedback to each other in an upper-level undergraduate design project course. Each student is required to give their ...

Approach for a machine-interpretable provision of standard contents using welded constructions as an example

Manoharan, Thivakar; Loibl, Andr // 2019
In order to meet the quality standards required in today's product development process, the designer must be able to draw on the knowledge contained in standards at all times. However, in today's ...

Approaching Knowledge Dynamics Across the Product Development Process with Methods of Social Research

Wang, Wei Min; M // 2019
Knowledge is a crucial factor in state-of-the-art product development. It is often provided by stakeholders from divers disciplinary and individual backgrounds and has to be integrated to create ...

Aspects of body metrics data management in the long term for the European fitness industry

Guârineau, Benjamin-Julia (1,2); Samir, Kousay (3); Richrath, Marvin (4); Paetzold, Pr. Kristin (5); Montero, Joaquin (5) // 2019
The dawn of the fourth industrial revolution, mostly known through the German initiative "Industrie 4.0", builds on a set of technologies emerging from software and information and communication ...

Automotive IVHM: Towards Intelligent Personalised Systems Healthcare

Campean, Felician (1); Neagu, Daniel (1); Doikin, Aleksandr (1); Soleimani, Morteza (1); Byrne, Thomas (1); Sherratt, Andrew (2) // 2019
Underpinned by a contemporary view of automotive systems as cyber-physical systems, characterised by progressively open architectures increasingly defined by their interaction with the users and the ...

Axioms of value

Reber, Michael (1); Duffy, Alex (2); Hay, Laura (2) // 2019
Extensive work exists on value in multiple domains. However, there are different interpretations, highlighting a lack of clarity about the fundamental characteristics. To address this, we present ...


Hall, Ashley (1); Leff, Daniel (2); Wojdecka, Anna (1); Kinross, James (2); Thompson, Paul (1); Darzi, Ara (2) // 2019
Although healthcare has long been a focus for design research activity dating from the 1960’s and Bruce Archer’s Industrial Design (Engineering) research unit, globally there remain very few ...

Budgeting for Agile Product Development

Vierlboeck, Maximilian; GÓvert, Kristin; Trauer, Jakob; Lindemann, Udo // 2019
Recent reports and predictions indicate a consistent and continuous growth in the field of Research and Development. Such growth leads to increased resource investments, which have to be managed ...

Can Ethics Enhance Creative Design Activity?

Sekiguchi, Kaira (1); Hori, Koichi (1,2) // 2019
This study exhibits that there exists generative ethics in which ethical thinking will allow us to change our perspectives to consider the artifacts? social effects in design, thereby enhancing our ...

Cascading Forgetting In Product Development Challenges And Evaluation

K gler, Patricia (1); Schon, Claudia (2); Schleich, Benjamin (1); Staab, Steffen (2); Wartzack, Sandro (1) // 2019
Vast amounts of information and knowledge is produced and stored within product design projects. Especially for reuse and adaptation there exists no suitable method for product designers to handle ...

Challenges and architectural approaches for automotive PLM in multi-brand organisations - a discussion paper

Kehl, Stefan (2); Hesselmann, Carsten (1); Stiefel, Patrick (2); M // 2019
Today, top-down processes, centralized IT infrastructures, and one-vendor strategies prevail in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) of large multi-brand Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) groups. ...

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