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Challenges with supplier involvement in product development: a suppliers perspective

Flankeg rd, Filip (1); Johansson, Glenn (1,2); Granlund, Anna (1) // 2019
Studies of supplier involvement in product development have revealed potential benefits including faster time to market, reduced cost and increased quality. However, existing literature has mainly ...

Collaborative and participatory design: assignment of team members to engineering projects with the consideration of designer?s expectations

JIN, Guangying; Sperandio, Sâverine; Girard, Philippe // 2019
With the trend of global collaboration and development of Internet of Things in industry 4.0, the collaboration relationships between designers is getting more close and important than before. ...

Comparison of existing agile Approaches in the Context of Mechatronic System Development: Potentials and Limits in Implementation

Heimicke, Jonas; Niever, Manuel; Zimmermann, Valentin; Klippert, Monika; Marthaler, Florian; Albers, Albert // 2019
The development of mechatronic systems has always been characterized by continuous handling of uncertainties. This challenge, which is associated with dynamic changes in the development context, is ...

Comparison Of Rep Rap And Davinci OSD Repositories: Is Any Influence From Academic Origin?

Affonso, Claudia Andressa Cruz (1); Atayde, Gisele Rodrigues (2); Amaral, Daniel (2) // 2019
The open source design (OSD) is an autonomous community dedicated to design new hardware products, peer-to-peer, with collaborative design and intellectual property copyleft, using web platforms to ...

Computational Simulation as an organizational prototyping tool

Dosi, Clio; Iori, Manuel; Kramer, Arthur; Vignoli, Matteo // 2019
This case study deals with a redesign effort to face the overcrowding issue in an Emergency Department (ED). A multidiscinary group of healthcare professionals and engineers worked together to ...


Kaspar, Jerome; Vielhaber, Michael // 2019
According to recent studies, scientists and trend researchers are both quite confident that changes within the next two decades will be much more extensive and pioneering than the changes during the ...

Creative Space: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Thoring, Katja (1,2); Desmet, Pieter (1); Badke-Schaub, Petra (1) // 2019
This paper provides an overview of the state-of-the-art research about creative work and learning environments. We conducted a systematic literature search within the Scopus database and identified a ...

Data Driven Product Portfolio Analysis of Electric Motors Based on Product Platforms Using Knowledge-Based Systems

T chsen, Johann (1,2); Pop, Adrian-Cornel (2); Koch, Matthias (2); Schleich, Benjamin (1); Wartzack, Sandro (1) // 2019
For a company it is necessary to know, which products can be configured using carry-over-parts or the same technology. This can become quite relevant in the context of automobile electrification, ...

Data Materialisation: A New Undergraduate Course for a Data Driven Society

Beghelli, Alejandra; Huerta-C // 2019
Traditionally, data has been presented in textual format and the interaction with the user confined to the keyboard or touch screen to input data and the screen to deliver information. However, with ...


Whitfield, Robert Ian; Duffy, Alex; Grierson, Hilary // 2019
The department of Design Manufacture and Engineering Management (DMEM) at the University of Strathclyde developed the concept of “Delivering Total Engineering” to capture the essence of the teaching, ...

Design Supporting a Customer-Perceived Intimacy-Strategy in Healthcare Services

Martens, Carmen (1,2); Herssens, Jasmien (1); Delcourt, Câcile (2) // 2019
Given that we live in a time within a growing competitive healthcare market, the customer experience and healing opportunities are on top of the priority list. However, little attention has been ...


BLANCO, Eric; BERARD, Stephanie; BLANCO, Sylvie; CHEVRIER, Pierre; HEIDSIECK, Emmanuelle; KENWRIGHT, John; VERGES, Virginie // 2019
Performance and efficiency in R&D processes is a critical point for industry. Operational excellence in design and development is required to overcome the business challenges that companies face. It ...

Designing risk management: Applying value stream mapping to risk management

Willumsen, Pelle (1); Oehmen, Josef (1); Rossi, Monica (2) // 2019
Risk management (RM) in new product development (NPD) is often implemented as a standardized framework and ends up being carried out as a tick the box, non-value adding activity. To avoid this ...

Developing design methods - A conceptual requirement framework

Becerril, Lucia (2); Guertler, Matthias (1); Longa, Emmanuel (1,2) // 2019
Design methods can provide valuable support in structuring and solving complex product design problems. However, the application and the transfer of methods from academia to industry is limited. To ...

Development of a Product Platform for Ship Locks Using DSM Methods

Knippenberg, S.C.M. (1); Etman, L.F.P. (1); Rooda, J.E. (1); Houwing, E.J. (2); Vogel, J.A. (2) // 2019
During the coming decades, a significant number of ship locks in the Netherlands is due for replacement or renovation. In this respect, Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), the executive branch of the Dutch ...

Distinction of Domain-Specific and Cross-Domain Linkage Types for Engineering Change Management

Wilms, Robert (1,2); Inkermann, David (1); Cemmasson, Vadym Finn (1); Reik, Michael (2); Vietor, Thomas (1) // 2019
Engineering Changes (ECs) are substantial elements of the design process of technical products and are in particular relevant for companies due to enormous additional costs and time delays they can ...

Doing it right - critical success factors for design thinking implementation

De Paula, Danielly (1,2); Dobrigkeit, Franziska (2); Cormican, Kathryn (1) // 2019
Proficiency in design thinking (DT) can contribute to the success of many companies. Successful implementation of DT can be achieved by identifying its Critical Success Factors (CSFs). Critical ...

Early Stage Digital Twins for Early Stage Engineering Design

Jones, David Edward; Snider, Chris; Kent, Lee; Hicks, Ben // 2019
While extensive modelling - both physical and virtual - is imperative to develop right-first-time products, the parallel use of virtual and physical models gives rise to two interrelated issues: the ...

Early-Career Engineers' Perceptions Of Support For Innovation At The Workplace - What Seems To Matter

Patrick Simon (1), Tua A. Björklund (2) and Sheri Sheppard (3) // 2019
Previous research has shown the importance of contextual factors for increasing employee innovativeness, but to effectively support innovative behavior, we need to also understand what forms of ...

Effective Innovation Implementation of Mechatronic Product-Service Systems considering Socio-Technical Aspects

Koltun, Gennadiy Dmitrovic (1); Romero Viturro, Carlos Alberto (2); Buchholz, Johan (1); Wissel, Juliane (1); Zaggl, Michael (1); Ocker, Felix (1); Vogel-Heuser, Birgit (1) // 2019
It is estimated that about half of all innovations, such as innovations in mechatronic product-service systems (PSS), fail to deliver the expected benefits to the adopting organization. Different ...

Empirical study of car crash simulation analysis within the development phase

Fatfouta, Naouress (1,2); Stal-Le Cardinal, Julie (1); Royer, Christine (2) // 2019
Car crash simulation analysis is an important phase within the vehicle development. It intends to analyse the crashworthiness of the vehicle model and examine the level of passive security. However, ...

Entwicklung eines Produktarchitekturmodells zur Ableitung modularer Produktstrukturen

Jan Küchenhof; Dieter Krause // 2019
Modularization can help shorten product development lead-times. enable customer-oriented product differentiation. enable economies of scale through commonality and economies of scope such as ...

From Tinkering Methods to Design Thinking: Primordial Thoughts in Design Research

Menezes, Jean Henrique de Oliveira // 2019
Design thinking as explored by Bernard Roth from the Stanford d.School, Roger Martin from the Rothman School of Management, and the IDEO merger trio by Tom and David Kelley, as well as current its ...

From Visualizations to Matrices – Methodical support for New Development of Modular Product Families

Küchenhof, Jan; Schwede, Lea-Nadine; Hanna, Michael; Krause, Dieter // 2019
The application of modularization approaches is mostly carried out on existing product families where the database is rich and can be used for further structuring and optimization. Methods for ...

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