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Sustainable and resilient system development in a VUCA-world: An empirical study to develop a process orientated method of risk and technical change management in automotive industry

Lechner, Jennifer; Schlüter, Nadine // 2023
Revolutionary changes of a VUCA-world are effecting more and more industries. Focusing the automotive industry, this is caused by several new trends in technology or market. This situation is ...

Tech to Market. Finding and designing suitable technology applications with design thinking

Cocchi, Nicolò; Dosi, Clio; Vignoli, Matteo // 2023
Although it’s human centered focus, design thinking has proven to be effective also in technology-driven projects, both in education and business. Yet, scant research has investigated whether and how ...

The Doughnut as a support of the "Sustainable Value Engineering"

Lalevée, Alexis (1,2,3); Troussier, Nadège (1,4); Blanco, Eric (2,5) // 2023
Societies are faced to ecological crises and widening disparities. This has to be integrated in the management of complex projects as they are increasingly complex and impactful. Value Analysis can ...

The T-Shaped Design Engineer – using cohorts to explore how skills profiles differ through career stages

Dekoninck, Elies; Bridge, Liam // 2023
The T-Shaped designer has previously been identified as a design engineer with the desirable set of skills for a successful career. Twelve design engineers ranging from novice to expert, were ...

Towards a Configuration Management integration to Feature Models in Model-Based Product Line Engineering

Lameh, José (1,2); Dubray, Alexandra (2); Jankovic, Marija (1) // 2023
In parallel with the industry 4.0 revolution, customers’ demand and number of product requirements are increasing, inducing increased product variability. System complexity is growing with the new ...


Saavedra Gastelum, Veronica; Gonzalez Almaguer, Carlos Alberto; Gonzalez De Cosio Barron, Arturo; Muciño García, Lourdes Jazmin; Zubieta Ramírez, Claudia // 2023
In the 2015 strategic plan, the mission of Tecnológico de Monterrey is to train people of integrity and ethics with a humanistic vision and to be internationally competitive in their professional ...

Towards remote control of manufacturing machines through robot vision sensors

Halawi Ghoson, Nourhan (1); Hakam, Nisar (1); Shakeri, Zohreh (1); Meyrueis, Vincent (1); Loubère, Stéphane (2); Benfriha, Khaled (1) // 2023
The remote management of equipment is part of the functionalities granted by the design principles of Industry 4.0. However, some critical operations are managed by operators, machine setup and ...

Towards Sustainable Life Cycles of Making in Small Scale Fabrication Spaces

Moore, George Edward (1); Agogino, Alice M. (2); Goucher-Lambert, Kosa (2) // 2023
Small scale fabrication spaces have shown their potential to support our local supply chains during the collapse of many global supply chain networks at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In ...

Types of partly configurable products in high-variety, low-volume context

Heikkinen, Teuvo; Juuti, Tero // 2023
Research on partly configurable products is emerging. Key concepts of these types of products have been scarcely synthetized, as definitions of partly configurable products in high-variety, ...

Uncertainty management in circular business model innovation - the case of circular plastics

Stingl, Verena; Fuglsig, Linea Vibe; Hoveling, Cecilie // 2023
The transition towards circular economy means a radical systemic shift that requires re-design and innovation of business models. However, this radical systemic shift also creates high levels of ...

Uncertainty management in product development portfolios: the impact of global sustainability agendas

Filipovic, Andy Mattulat (1,2); Welo, Torgeir (1); Willumsen, Pelle Lundquist (2); Oehmen, Josef (2) // 2023
Increased focus on sustainability significantly impacts product development portfolio management in organizations. This paper focuses on the significant unaccommodated uncertainty caused by the green ...

Usage and acceptance of management tools in project-based learning environments

Rößler, Lisa; Gericke, Kilian // 2023
This paper aims to identify the reasons for neglecting and the motivations for using management tools among three groups of students participating in a project that was carried out and followed over ...

Utilizing the embodiment function relation and tolerance model for robust concept design

Li, Jiahang (1);Horber, Dennis (2);Keller, Christoph (1);Grauberger, Patric (1);Goetz, Stefan (2);Wartzack, Sandro (2);Matthiesen, Sven (1) // 2023
The early use of Robust Design (RD) supports the development of product concepts with low sensitivity to variation, which offers advantages for reducing the risk of costly iterations. Due to the lack ...

Will Model-Based Definition accelerate the inspection phase in the manufacturing process?

Uski, Pekka (1); Nieminen, Joni (2); Ellman, Asko (3) // 2023
Model-Based Definition provides several benefits for communicating between engineering and other downstream stakeholders. Particularly, semantic PMI information included in 3D models benefits both ...


Heimdal, Anette; Lande, Ingrid // 2023
To develop the employees for the future we need to address the students of today. According to the World Economic Forum there are four types of skills that are needed for the jobs of tomorrow: ...

“We always think it's never going to happen to us”: Understanding What Motivates Communities to Engage in Emergency Preparedness

Maher, Tera; Toh, Christine // 2023
Community-based disaster risk reduction is an effective approach for emergency management to address the needs of communities. This approach focuses on identifying the community-specific needs and ...

A Life-Cycle Framework to Manage Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange in Open Organisations

Matthias R. Guertler (1), Nico Adams (2), Glenda Caldwell (3), Jared Donovan (3), Andreas Hopf (1), Jonathan Roberts (3) // 2022
Successful research and development requires interdisciplinary collaboration, often across organisational boundaries and for extended timeframes, such as in innovation networks or ecosystems. Open ...

A Matrix-based Flexible Multi-level Project Planning Library and Indicators

Kosztyán, Zsolt Tibor (1); Gergely, Novák (1,2); Róbert, Jakab (1,3); Hegedűs, Csaba (1) // 2022
Flexible approaches such as agile, hybrid, and extreme project management from the software project environment are increasingly used in nonsoftware environments. Nevertheless, only a few methods and ...

A model-based approach for early robustness evaluation – Combination of Contact and Channel Approach with tolerance graphs in SysML

Dennis Horber (1), Jiahang Li (2), Patric Grauberger (2), Benjamin Schleich (1), Sven Matthiesen (2), Sandro Wartzack (1) // 2022
Considering variations is essential for the development of robust products, but the applicability of existing robust design approaches in early stages is challenging due to the lack of product ...

A Modelling Method for Describing and Facilitating the Reuse of SysML Models during Design Process

Atif Mahboob, Stephan Husung // 2022
MBSE and SysML are increasingly finding their applications in industry as well as in academia. The reuse of the information described in SysML models depends, among others, on the modelling methods, ...


Wachs, Marina-Elena (1); Scholl, Theresa-Marie (2); D'Aleo, Giulia (3) // 2022

A Process Modelling Morphology to Support Process Analysis and Development in Change Processes

Theresa Ammersd // 2022
Process modelling (PM) is used to support designers by providing guidance on what needs to be done. Change processes in development organizations accompany introduction of new procedures, new methods ...

A Survey on the Challenges Hindering the Application of Data Science, Digital Twins and Design Automation in Engineering Practice

Simon R // 2022
Digital Engineering is an emerging trend and aims to support engineering design by integrating computational technologies like design automation, data science, digital twins, and product lifecycle ...


Green, Stephen (1); Orwell, Suzan (1); Page, Freddie (1); Chiu, Tiffany (1); Patel, Ahmed (2) // 2022

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  • +design +community
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  • +design community
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  • +design -community
    Find rows that contain the word “design” but not “community”.
  • +design ~community
    Find rows that contain the word “design”, but if the row also contains the word “community”, rate it lower than if row does not.
  • +design +(>community <decisions)
    Find rows that contain the words “design” and “community”, or “design” and “decisions” (in any order), but rank “design community” higher than “design decisions”
  • design*
    Find rows that contain words such as “design”, “designs”, “designing”, or “designer”.
  • "some words"
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