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Masen, Marc; Butt, Ahmed Tamkin; Agg, Chloe // 2023
This paper draws parallels and contrasts between the Design-focussed learning tracks of the Mechanical Engineering courses at Imperial College London (ICL) and Nottingham Trent University (NTU). ...

A conceptual framework for information linkage and exchange throughout the lifecycle of process plants

Sebastian Schwoch (1), Jonathan Leidich (2), Max Layer (3), Bernhard Saske (1), Kristin Paetzold-Byhain (1), Peter Robl (2), Sebastian Neubert (3) // 2023
Based on the need of unified access to process plant related information across disciplines, companies and lifecycle phases as well as efforts to establish methods of modularization and ...

A Critical Appraisal of Mixed Reality Prototyping to Support Studio Design Education

Ranscombe, Charlie (1);Zhang, Wendy (2);Snider, Chris (3);Hicks, Ben (3) // 2023
Mixed Reality (MR) technologies are widely available and applied in a variety of design and engineering applications. MR prototypes capture the respective benefits of physical and digital prototypes ...

A Data Driven Tool to Support Design Team Composition Measuring Skills Diversity

Chiarello, Filippo (1,5);Spada, Irene (3,5);Barandoni, Simone (4,5);Giordano, Vito (1,5);Fantoni, Gualtiero (2,5) // 2023
hese reasons we propose a tool that aims to map the design skills of students to optimise team composition. The tool is based on a questionnaire grounded in the design theory and aims at measuring ...

A Designer's understanding of the maker movement

von Platen, Vilhelm;Kitani, Yoji // 2023
The maker movement has garnered interest from many disparate fields, from engineering to business management, to behavioural science, to city planning. The reason for this interest no doubt stems ...

A drawing education programme focusing on enhancing abstraction ability

Yagisawa, Masaki;Iijima, Junichi // 2023
This study considers the 'three sub-abilities' that constitute the abstraction ability and focuses on drawing as an education for acquiring them. Focusing on the similarity between the process of ...

A Hierarchical Machine Learning Workflow for Object Detection of Engineering Components

Kent, Lee; Snider, Chris; Gopsill, James; Goudswaard, Mark; Kukreja, Aman; Hick, Ben // 2023
Machine Learning (ML) techniques are showing increasing use and value in the engineering sector. Object Detection methods, by which an ML system identifies objects from an image presented to it, have ...

A Method for Prescribing Psychological Ownership: A Project Handover Case Study

Cedeno, Michelle Rose (1); Baxter, Weston (1); Porat, Tayla (1); Peck, Joann (2) // 2023
Among the topics of psychological ownership (PO) within current literature, a significant gap exists in understanding PO within a prescriptive lens. This study will examine how instigating the PO ...

A Method to Support the Improvement of Knowledge Transfers in Product and Production Engineering

Albers, Albert; Klippert, Monika; von Klitzing, Moritz; Rapp, Simon // 2023
The product engineering process as part of the product life cycle includes product and production system development as well as production. In integrated product and production engineering (PPE), ...

A Multi-Dimensional Analysis of the Current State of Research into Globally Distributed Product Development

Simon J. Nicklas, Marvin Michalides, Emir Gadzo, Alexander Koch // 2023
This contribution aims to investigate the challenges and potential solutions associated with the globally distributed development of complex products (GDPD). The research focuses on three key ...

A Multilayer Graph Network-Based Tool for Identifying Key Project Actors

Efrati, Shlomi; Reich, Yoram // 2023
As the demands for new complex products/services increase, leading to strict constraints on budget and time-to-market, it is hard to learn from experience and improve practice. Improvement can be ...

Adjusting Scaled Agile for Systems Engineering

Drutchas, Jake Farlon; Eppinger, Steven // 2023
Scaled agile development of large systems has primarily followed the approach used in traditional systems engineering – system decomposition and static teams assigned to subsystems. However, this ...


Sewell, Philip; Batley, Abigail; Roberts, William // 2023
The goal of traditional supply chain spare parts management is to maintain a minimum level of spare parts inventory whilst still being able to fulfil demand and maintain customer satisfaction. Much ...


Restrepo Garcia, Carlos Andres (1,2); Teissandier, Denis (1); Anwer, Nabil (2); Ledoux, Yann (1); Delos, Vincent (1); Pierre, Laurent (2); Garcia Gomez, Sonia Carolina (1) // 2023
The variation management and product quality processes are important tasks to guarantee the assemblability of the systems, the scrap reduction and to avoid delays on production and launching. The ...

An exploration of knowledge management activities in multidisciplinary service design organizations

Mirafzal, MohammadReza (1); Wadhera, Piyush (2); Stal-Le Cardinal, Julie (1) // 2023
This study aims at revising the history of knowledge management in service design organizations to discover what sources, technologies, tools, and users have been used and how knowledge management ...

Assistance System for graph-based 3D Visualization of Design Structure Matrices

Jan-Phillip Herrmann (1), Sven Tackenberg (1), Christoph Trojanowski (2), Carolin Pankrath (3), Sebastian Imort (1), Andreas Deuter (1) // 2023
The increasing number of product artifacts (e.g., mechanical or electronic components, software functions, documents) confronts small and medium-sized companies with the challenge of assessing change ...

Challenges in Extracting Insights from Life Cycle Assessment Documents During Early Stage Design

Goridkov, Nicole (1); Ye, Kelly (1); Wang, Ye (2); Goucher-Lambert, Kosa (1) // 2023
Life cycle assessment (LCA) has been established as a benchmark for design for sustainability practices. LCA provides detailed technical documents regarding a product’s environmental impact, but its ...

Challenges of using Augmented Reality to support an efficient and error-free assembly in complex variant environments

Dausch, Valesko Cedrik (1); Roth, Daniel (1); Kreimeyer, Matthias (1); Bohr, Sebastian (2) // 2023
As part of the digital transformation towards Industry 4.0, the tasks of staff on the shop floor are changing. Despite increasing automation, complex assembly steps still have to be carried out by ...

Co-create Financial Planning Services for an Aging Population: Designers' Perspectives

Lee, Sheng-Hung (1,6); Coughlin, Joseph F. (6); Yang, Maria (1); de Weck, Olivier L. (2); Lee, Chaiwoo (6); Klopfer, Eric (5); Ochsendorf, John (3,4) // 2023
The purpose of the study is to understand the design considerations for creating a provocative financial planning toolkit with services to help facilitate more constructive and meaningful ...

Continuous simulation of variations during the design of endless fiber reinforced composite structure assemblies

Stephan Freitag, Stefan Goetz, Sandro Wartzack // 2023
Using composite materials like endless fiber reinforced plastics offers numerous advantages. Nevertheless, the material properties of composite materials lead to new challenges in the manufacturing ...

Data quality assurance in the research process using the example of tensile tests

Laura Muller (1), Max Leo Wawer (2), Norman Heimes (3), Johanna Uhe (3), Oliver Koepler (4), Soren Auer (4), Roland Lachmayer (2), Iryna Mozgova (1) // 2023
Progressive digitization throughout the entire product data life cycle requires a more sensitive handling and understanding of data within engineering processes. Regarding engineering research data, ...

Data-driven smart manufacturing: case study of workforce management process in an Italian leather goods company

Pietroni, Giorgia;Marconi, Marco // 2023
Digitalization is one of the fundamental pillars of Industry 4.0. Within smart factories, Big Data Analytics systems play a key role in supporting the decision-making process of various stages of ...

Data-pushed projects: the role of anomalies to build design processes for subsequent exploration

Bordas, Antoine; Le Masson, Pascal; Weil, Benoit // 2023
Data-pushed projects are common in companies and consist in the design of a model in order to deliver a desirable output. The design of data science models appears at the intersection of optimisation ...

Decision Support Framework using Knowledge Based Digital Twin for Sustainable Product Development and End of Life

Mouflih, Chorouk (1);Gaha, Raoudha (1);Durupt, Alexandre (1);Bosch-Mauchand, Magali (1);Martinsen, Kristian (2);Eynard, Benoit (1) // 2023
In order to have a sustainable disassembly process, a successful decision-making based on reliable and up-to-date information should be made while taking into consideration sustainability indicators. ...

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  • +design -community
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  • +design ~community
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  • +design +(>community <decisions)
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