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Functional Safety Concept Generation Within the Process of Preliminary Design of Automated Driving Functions at the Example of an Unmanned Protective Vehicle

Graubohm, Robert; Stolte, Torben; Bagschik, Gerrit; Steimle, Markus; Maurer, Markus // 2019
Structuring the early design phase of automotive systems is an important part of efficient and successful development processes. Today, safety considerations (e.g., the safety life cycle of ISO ...

Functional Trade-offs in the Mechanical Design of Integrated Products - Impact on Robustness and Optimisability

Sigurdarson, N // 2019
It is generally accepted in industry and academia that trade-offs between functional design objectives are an inevitable factor in the development of mechanical systems. These trade-offs can have a ...

Functorial Model Management

Breiner, Spencer (1); Pollard, Blake (1,2); Subrahmanian, Eswaran (1,2) // 2019
In this paper we use formal tools from category theory to develop a foundation for creating and managing models in systems where knowledge is distributed across multiple representations and formats. ...

Game-Based Learning of Knowledge Reuse in Engineering Education

Stenholm, Daniel; Bergsj // 2019
This paper presents an educational game fostering a new experience-based approach to teaching knowledge transfer using a codification strategy alone. The goal is to address and highlight some common ...

How A Better Understanding Of Relation Can Increase Responsibility Between Stakeholders?

Bolifraud, Sylvain; Stal-Le Cardinal, Julie // 2019
Construction projects are complex and subject to a lot of conflicts. The misunderstanding between actors is one cause of these conflicts. To understand actor?s interrelation is fundamental.

In this ...

Implementation of parameterized work piece deviations and measurement uncertainties into performant meta-models for an improved tolerance specification

Mller, Andreas Michael (1); Oberleiter, Thomas (2); Willner, Kai (2); Hausotte, Tino (1) // 2019
Geometrical work piece deviations are unavoidable and directly affect the function and quality of

technological products. Tolerance management is regarded as a crucial subtask of the development ...

Improvement of collaboration between testing and simulation departments on the example of a motorcycle manufacturer

Sch // 2019
In testing and simulation departments in product development (PD) data types, data structures and data storage are often very different. Exchange of data and information is normally not automated and ...

Inconsistency management in heterogeneous models - an approach for the identification of model dependencies and potential inconsistencies

Kattner, Niklas; Bauer, Harald; Basirati, Mohammad R.; Zou, Minjie; Brandl, Felix; Vogel-Heuser, Birgit; B // 2019
In today?s engineering projects, interdisciplinary work leads to an increase in interfaces between different departments and domains. As each stakeholder pursues different goals and tasks, a ...


Tollestrup, Christian // 2019
One of the structural challenges of educating industrial designers in a university setting is the bridging the gap between the rigor of science in academia and the execution oriented practice. In ...

Influence of Information Collection Strategy on Designer?s Mental Stress

Zhao, Mengting; Zeng, Yong // 2019
Information collection may affect the design quality and designer's performance through changing the structure of information and the way how information is searched and organized. Based on the ...

innovative design in factory - new methods to go from closed to expandable prescriptions at the shop floor level

Harl // 2019
This paper explores the question of the design activity at the shop floor level. The design activity has been confined for a large part in the design and the methods office. However, a certain form ...

Innovative Design Within Tradition - Injecting Topos Structures In C-K Theory To Model Culinary Creation Heritage

Hatchuel, Armand; Le Masson, Pascal; Weil, Benoit; Carvajal-Perez, Daniel // 2019
In "Grande cuisine? creation and tradition co-evolve in a rich number of ways. Great chefs still use recipes from the 19th century and may also reinvent gastronomy itself. The creation heritage of ...


Willems, Laura; Laperre, Dries // 2019
INNOWIZ (innovation wizard) is an easy to learn creativity method that on one hand helps chaotic people to find structure and deliver on time, and on the other hand helps structured people to ...

Integrating The Mechanical Domain Into Seed Approach

Dworschak, Fabian; K // 2019
Data-driven technologies have found their way into all areas of engineering. In product development they can accelerate the customization to individualized requirements. Therefore, they need a ...

Integration Model To Support Configuration Of Product Architecture And Supply Chain Design

Atakulu, Israel Nnamdi; Shalpegin, Timofey; Wynn, David C. // 2019
Supply chain management is a necessary concept for manufacturing firms as it deals with the coordination and integration of interactions of collaborating partners to realize products. The product’s ...

Interdependencies within the System of Objectives of a Product Generation in Industrial Practice

Albers, Albert; Peglow, Natalie; Spadinger, Markus // 2019
One challenge in product development is the megatrend of product individualization in the automotive supplier industry. Requirements for a variant by the customer may differ from those by the ...

Interpretations of design thinking across a large organization

Kosmala, Martyna; van der Marel, Floris; Bj // 2019
Design thinking has a prominent role as established corporations ramp up innovation efforts focusing on user needs. Current literature provides a plethora of definitions for design thinking with ...

Intra-firm and inter-firm challenges in servitization ecosystem: Experiences from five product-centric firms in different industries

Chirumalla, Koteshwar (1); Emmanuel-Ebikake, Oyetola (2); Leoni, Luna (3); Servati, Mohsen (4) // 2019
The purpose of this paper is to analyse the challenges in the servitization journey of product-centric firms from an ecosystem perspective, considering both intra-firm and inter-firm levels. Prior ...

Investigation of the perception of a radical degree of novelty from the perspective of product users

Herrmann, Thorsten; Roth, Daniel; Binz, Hansgeorg // 2019
The dichotomy of radical and incremental innovation has been discussed in numerous literature sources and a great amount of advices on how to handle them in design processes has been provided. ...

Is Organizational Design a Human-centered Design Practice?

Auernhammer, Jan Michel Kurt (1); Leifer, Larry (2) // 2019
In recent years design has had a renaissance in business and management research and practice. Several authors have discussed if management is a design practice and how far design ought to go to ...

Knowledge Management for Problem Solving Using Semistructured Contradiction Matrix Based on Physical Quantity Description

Murakami, Tamotsu // 2019
A Contradiction Matrix of TRIZ that classifies problems to solve as contradictions of features is an effective framework of knowledge management for problem solving. The features, however, may have a ...

Looking for Inspiration: Understanding the Information Evaluation and Seeking Behavior of Novice Designers During Creative Idea Generation

Damen, Nicole; Toh, Christine // 2019
Information usage is a key aspect of creative cognition and has been shown to influence design outcomes. The goal of this study was to investigate the information seeking behavior of student ...

Managing the Interdependencies in Complex Development Projects with Matrix-Based Methods

Vinod Vallath Ramachandran // 2019
The design structure matrix or the dependency structure matrix is a modeling framework used in many areas of research and practice and it is suitable for illustrating the dependencies between ...

Many-Valued and Many-Sorted Structure Relations

Eklund, Patrik (1); Johansson, Mats (1); Löfstrand, Magnus (2); Winter, Michael (3) // 2019
System-of-systems engineering and related models of engineering design require intertwining of structures, respectively, at least for components in products, engineering and business activities, and ...

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  • +design ~community
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