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Robustness Evaluation of Product Concepts based on Function Structures

Goetz, Stefan; Hartung, Jonas; Schleich, Benjamin; Wartzack, Sandro // 2019
Due to the varying environment conditions as well as the manufacturing induced deviations, the properties of products vary. In order to still meet the increasingly tightening of functional ...

Scaling of Technical Systems Using an Object-Based Modelling Approach

Wolniak, Philipp (1); Sauthoff, Bastian (2); Lachmayer, Roland (1); Mozgova, Iryna (1) // 2019
Companies that operate and manufacture products in the technical area are exposed to increasingly challenging market situations. The developed products should be individualized to the customers' ...


Nutzmann, Marc (1); Sauer, Thorsten (1); VOß, Markus (2); Bozkurt, Hulusi (2) // 2019
Mechanical Engineering students acquire knowledge and skills in engineering design through several courses reaching from learning how to setup technical design drawings, CAD-courses, several courses ...

Supporting knowledge re-use with effective searches of related engineering documents - a comparison of Search Engine and Natural Language Processing-based algorithms

Arnarsson, Ivar // 2019
Product development companies are collecting data in form of Engineering Change Requests for logged design issues and Design Guidelines to accumulate best practices. These documents are rich in ...

Supporting The Modelling And Managing Of Relations In The Design Platform

Andr // 2019
A common strategy which has in many cases become a necessity in product developing companies is to apply platform thinking to some extent. Engineer-to-order (ETO) companies are firms that need to ...

Territorial knowledge ontology as a guide for the identification of resource of the territory toward sustainability

Ezoji, Amer; Matta, Nada // 2019
Representation of territorial knowledge based on the ontology is an approach which explains the nature and reasoning of this knowledge for sustainability. This research proposes an ontology of domain ...

The Concept Of 'Roadmapping Service': Exploring Customer Perspectives Of Roadmapping Through The Service Lens

Oliveira, Maicon Gouvea (1); Routley, Michele (2); Phaal, Robert (2); Mendes, Glauco Henrique Sousa (3) // 2019
Roadmapping has been addressed as a management approach used to support strategic and innovation planning of organisations over recent decades. This paper introduces a new standpoint for addressing ...

The Finnish Product Development Teachers• Perceptions of Their Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Higher Education

M // 2019
The paper concerns the Finnish product development teachers• perceptions on their pedagogical content knowledge in higher education settings. The aim is to describe and analyse what kind of ...

The Influence of Collaborative Information Technology Tool Usage on NPD

Marion, Tucker (1); Fixson, Sebastian (2) // 2019
Information Technology (IT) and the process of new product development (NPD) have become completely intertwined. From computer-aided-design (CAD) to video conferencing to traditional tools like ...

The PSI network model for studying diverse complex design scenarios

Reich, Yoram (1); Subrahmanian, Eswaran (2) // 2019
Design pervades our world in variety and complexity that is difficult to grasp. Different disciplines and researchers take one or few perspectives to study, model, and try to understand design, why ...

The Reference System In The Model Of PGE: Proposing A Generalized Description Of Reference Products And Their Interrelations

Albers, Albert; Rapp, Simon; Spadinger, Markus; Richter, Thilo; Birk, Clemens; Marthaler, Florian; Heimicke, Jonas; Kurtz, Victor; Wessels, Holger // 2019
Samsung recently introduced a new smartphone display with increased breaking resistance, which will probably be relevant for future cars as well. This example shows that subsystems, in general ...

The reuse of SysML behaviour models for creating product use cases in Virtual Reality

Mahboob, Atif (1); Husung, Stephan (2); Weber, Christian (1); Liebal, Andreas (1); Kr // 2019
An early evaluation of a product along with the consideration of life phase specific actor(s) and environment(s) can help greatly to gain an understanding of the product?s behaviour and interactions. ...

Towards Creativity Stimulating Design Intervention For Multidisciplinary Innovation Teams

Sander Välk; Céline Mougenot // 2019
The aim of our research is to stimulate cross disciplinary design collaboration to improve innovation processes in product and service design domain. We focus on the intersection of biotechnology and ...

Understanding Community Behaviors In For-Profit Open Source Hardware Projects

Li, Zhuoxuan (1); Seering, Warren (1); Tao, Tiffany (1); Cao, Shengnan (2) // 2019
Free contributors have successfully shown the potential in large/complex software co-creation in the Free and Open Source Software Movement, triggering many discussions and exploration ventures from ...

Understanding the initial requirements definition in early design phases

Song, Young-Woo; Herzog, Michael; Bender, Beate // 2019
The definition of initial requirements in the early phase of product development is characterised as a decision process under highest uncertainties. Studies show that projects often deviate from ...

Unterstützung des Variantenmanagements von Elektromotoren durch wissensbasierte Systeme

Johann Tüchsen [1] [2]; Julian Dorsch [2]; Moritz Obendorfer [2]; Benjamin Schleich [1]; Sandro Wartzack [1] // 2019
The automotive industry electrifies a huge variety of previously mechanically-actuated car functions. While sharing the same function. the used electric motors often differ in customer related ...

Use design performance based on use requirements

Mahdjoub, Morad (1); Bluntzer, Jean-Bernard (1); Bertin, Aymeric (2) // 2019
Industrial companies today must operate in an increasingly competitive world and need to rethink their organization accordingly. First, industrial strategies concerning technical management need to ...

Using the Design Structure Matrix for Space System Design

Tran, Jintin; Stowe, Mike; Plattner, Markus; Zimmermann, Markus // 2019
In the frame of space development projects, system design has to cope with large sets of requirements that are dependent from each other. The complexity becomes even higher since interdependencies ...

Variation analysis of design parameters of fibre-reinforced plastic parts

Franz, Michael; Schleich, Benjamin; Wartzack, Sandro // 2019
Lightweight Design as an engineering domain is becoming more and more important in terms of sustainable mobility. Therefore, a large number of researchers is developing methods for utilisation of ...


Stevens, John Simon // 2019
The Global Innovation Design (GID) Masters Programme aims to develop research and teaching collaboration opportunities between international academic institutions, and among a range of international ...

A Data Management and Visualization Tool for Integrating Optimization Results in Product Development

Papageorgiou, Athanasios; Ölvander, Johan // 2018
This paper presents a data management and visualization tool that was developed in parallel with a Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) framework in order to enable a more effective use of the ...


Minato, Shogo; Idei, Yushun; Mitake, Yuya; Shimomura, Yoshiki // 2018
Product-Service Systems (PSS) has been regarded as an attractive business concept that create high added value by integrated provisions of products and services. Since both products and services are ...


Detzner, Alexander; Eigner, Martin // 2018
Mass customization and increasing product complexity require new methods to ensure a continuously high product quality. In the case of product failures it has to be determined what distinguishes ...


Dias, Ana Cristina; Almendra, Rita Assoreira // 2018
This paper presents a holistic overview of higher education in Portugal on Product-Service Design area. It is part of a PhD research focused on boosting the knowledge transfer among academia, markets ...

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