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Analysing Paradigms for Managing Product Development: Conventional, Agile and Hybrid Approaches

Lisa R // 2022
As the complexity of products and their development processes increases, a trend emerged where companies try to manage the complexity through implementing agile practices on all or on some levels of ...

Application of Expert Systems for Personalizing Financial Decisions

Sara Shafiee (1), Kourosh Marjani Rasmussen (1), Eike Sch // 2022
Due to the complexity of financial products, consumers with low financial literacy are left behind. However, few practical studies investigated the impact of digital advisory systems to improve ...

Approach for Developing Digital Twins of Smart Products Based on Linked Lifecycle Information

Thomas Eickhoff, Sven Forte, Jens Christian G // 2022
The ongoing digitization of engineering processes and the increasing prevalence of smart products create possibilities for new business models and services. Digital twins enable the collection of all ...

Automated Requirement Dependency Analysis for Complex Technical Systems

Iris Gr // 2022
Requirements changes are a leading cause for project failures. Due to propagation effects, change management requires dependency analysis. Existing approaches have shortcomings regarding ability to ...

Avoid Service Design Trap by Guiding Product/Service System Design with Product-Service Dependency Knowledge Base

Tomohiko Sakao, Abhijna Neramballi, Johannes Matschewsky // 2022
This article aims to contribute to the knowledge on product/service system (PSS) design practice as follows. First, a new rationale for why PSS design in practice often does not exploit its full ...

Challenges Of Big-science: A Matrix-based Interface Model To Manage Technical Integration Risks In Multi-organizational Engineering Projects

Beernaert, Torben (1); Etman, Pascal (2); De Bock, Maarten (3); De Baar, Marco (1); Classen, Ivo (1) // 2022
Tomorrow’s big science systems are in development today. Success depends on global collaboration in which multiple international parties produce unique assemblies. Inter-organizational barriers, ...

Closed-Loop Engineering Approach for Data-Driven Product Planning

Thomas Dickopf, Christo Apostolov // 2022
This contribution introduces an approach for data-driven optimization of products and their product generations through a Closed-Loop Engineering approach resulting from the German research project ...

Comparing the quality of documentation used in production equipment acquisitions and the impact on the performance of the acquired equipment – a pre study

Hagström, Malin Hane; Bergsjö, Dag; Furborg, Fredric; Aas, Rickard // 2022
There are often problems with design documentation, such as incomplete or missing and quality of input. A pre study within an engineering department for advanced machinery investigates the quality of ...

Concept of a Multi-Agent System for Optimised and Automated Engineering Change Implementation

Ognjen Radisic-Aberger, Tim Weisser, Till Sassmannshausen, Johannes Wagner, Peter Burggr // 2022
Engineering changes are necessary to stay competitive, unavoidable and occur more frequently with increased product complexity. Currently, scheduling of engineering changes into production and supply ...

Data Networking for Industrial Data Analysis Based on a Data Backbone System

Andreas Eiden (1), Thomas Eickhoff (1), Jens Christian G // 2022
Industrial Data Analytics needs access to huge amounts of data, which is scattered across different IT systems. As part of an integrated reference kit for Industrial Data Analytics, there is a need ...

Data-Based Method for the Implementation Planning of Engineering Changes in the Automotive Industry

Raquel Capistrano Burgos (1), Fabian Sippl (1), Ognjen Radisic-Aberger (2), Tim Weisser (2) // 2022
Each year, automotive OEMs implement a variety of Engineering Changes (ECs) in their production. In the timing of ECs, different KPIs are often in conflict with one another or even unknown to the ...

Design Decisions in the Architecture Development of Advanced Systems: Towards traceable and sustainable Documentation and Communication

Pfeifer,  Stefan; Akgül, Didem; Röbenack, Silke; Tihlarik, Amelie; Albert,Bruno; Anacker, Harald; Dumitrescu,Roman // 2022
Documenting and communicating decisions is paramount during the system architecture development of Advanced Systems. Reporting design decisions properly is important since they allow decisions to ...

Design Structure Matrix and Its Applications in Innovation Management

Durango, Ana Cristina (1); Luciani, Francesca (1); De Paula Ferreira, William (2); Armellini, Fabiano (1) // 2022
New product/process development entails technical and managerial complexities, such as coordination among interactions among entities and functions in the supply chain. DSM (Design structure matrix) ...

Development of a Methodology for Technology Demonstration Projects Evaluation

Anastasia Stelvaga, Clement Fortin // 2022
To ensure optimal resource allocation in technology demonstration projects, the evaluation of demonstrators of various maturity, scale, and nature has to be carried out. Most of the existing ...

Does CAD Smell Like Code? A Mapping between Violation of Object Oriented Programming Design Principles and Computer Aided Design Modelling

Peter Rosso (1), James Gopsill (1,2), Stuart C. Burgess (1), Ben Hicks (1) // 2022
In objected-oriented design, "smells" are symptoms of code violating design principles. When a deadline is looming, decisions can affect the long-term quality of a code or CAD. Given this and the ...

Educational Probe for Developing Online Education: A Case of Online Problem-Based Learning in Design Education in India

Yasuyuki Hayama (1), Harshit Desai (2) // 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic brought challenges and opportunities for higher education and one of the important areas was online education. Especially in design field, Online Problem-Based Learning has ...

Evaluate Similarity of Requirements with Multilingual Natural Language Processing

Ursina Bisang (1), J // 2022
Finding redundant requirements or semantically similar ones in previous projects is a very time-consuming task in engineering design, especially with multilingual data. Due to modern NLP it is ...

Evaluation of Engineering Changes Based on Variations from the Model of PGE – Product Generation Engineering in an Automotive Wiring Harness

Albert Albers (1), Moritz Magnus Altner (1,2), Simon Rapp (1), Benjamin Valeh (2), Hans Redinger (2), Roland Winter (2) // 2022
Engineering change management is a central part of the product development process. This paper investigates how variations from the PGE - Product Generation Engineering can improve the evaluation of ...

Exploring the Benefits of Remanufacture during Product Prototyping: A Cost and Time Based Analysis

Ricardo M. Real, Chris Snider, Ben Hicks // 2022
Whilst remanufacture is identified as a key enabler for sustainable manufacture in future industry, its role within the context of new product development remains unclear. Where prototypes often go ...

Forecasting the Number of End-of-Life Vehicles: State of the Art Report

Hanbing Xia, Ji Han, Jelena Milisavljevic-Syed // 2022
Academics and practitioners have shown a growing interest in automobile reverse supply chain (RSC) management as a result of the rise of circular economy and the development of Industry 4.0. Accurate ...

Framework for FAMD-Based Identification of RCPSP-Constraints for Improved Project Scheduling

Michael Riesener, Maximilian Kuhn, Alexander Keuper, Benjamin Lender, Guenther Schuh // 2022
Product development in today’s manufacturing companies is characterized by multiple development projects under intense time constraints. This means that the success of projects impacts the company's ...

From a Monolithic PLM Landscape to a Federated Domain and Data Mesh

Yousef Hooshmand (1), Jens Resch (1), Patrick Wischnewski (2), Prashant Patil (3) // 2022
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is one of the most business-critical IT backbones of manufacturing companies. It often consists of numerous, rigidly interwoven monolithic applications and is seen ...

Guidance on Application of Agile in Combined Hardware and Software Development Projects

Jake Drutchas, Steven Eppinger // 2022
Agile has its roots in software, improving the pace and quality of development projects. The application of Agile to hardware is less mature, and anecdotal evidence suggests there are specific ...

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