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Longueville, B.; Stal Le Cardinal, J.; Bocquet, J-C; Daneau, P. // 2003


Eger, T.; Eckert, C. M.; Clarkson, P. J. // 2003


Kristjansson, A. H.; Kristensen, K.; Hildre, H. P. // 2003

A French Approach to Teaching Project Management

Stal-Le Cardinal, J.; Bocquet, J.-C. // 2002
This pedagogic article presents the management of project actions at Ecole Centrale of Paris and a design and realization project experience’s teaching, a lavender harvester. This project, lasted of ...

A KBE System to Manage the Module Configuration Using the Corporate Knowledge

Mandorli, F.; Berti, S.; Germani, M. // 2002
A key point, today, is the development of products that fulfil the individual customer needs as close as possible. The market trend, hence, is towards the ""mass customization"". ...

Classification of Design Research Documents

McMahon, C.; Culley, S.; Lowe, A. // 2002
Classification involves the development and use of schemes for the systematic organisation of knowledge (represented as information) (Langridge, 1992). The origins of modern approaches towards ...

Collaborative Engineering: 'Towards Design Guidelines for Risk Management in Distributed Software Development'

van Grinsven, J.; de Vreede, G.-J. // 2002
Distributed software development activities require intense collaboration between groups who are scattered over geographically separated locations. While group-oriented software development has ...

Communicating Engineering Design - A Critical Success Factor in Projects

Baumgärtner, C. E. // 2002
Engineering projects or designs fail frequently because they are not communicated well to the management of the company in which they are carried out. Communication of project proposals, project ...

Costs of rapid prototyping applications

Brockop, S. // 2002
The three measures of the effectiveness of a design process are cost, quality, and time. Regardless of the product being designed – whether it is an entire system or some small subpart of a larger ...

DAMOCIA-Design. An Experience of Design of Greenhouses Structures Modeling the Professional Knowledge with CommonKADS

Bienvenido, J. F.; Flores-Parra, I. M.; Guirado, R. // 2002
In this paper, we presents a knowledge intensive design tool, DAMOCIA-Design, which supports the design of greenhouse structures. After stating the initial necessity of a specialized tool that helps ...

Decision Based Knowledge Management for Design Project of Innovative Products

Longueville, B.; Stal Le Cardinal, J.; Bocquet, J.-C. // 2002
This paper describes a framework to analyse decision flows in design projects of innovative products. The objective is to provide tools to specify KM systems that satisfy projects stakeholders’ ...

Development and Application of Modular Function Deployment

Stadler, C.; Hosnedl, S. // 2002
Modular Function Deployment (MFD) is a method, which is based on the well-known Quality Function Deployment (QFD) method. The QFD is more and more used because of its orientation on customer ...

Finding Tomorrow Today

Samperi, J.; Hollins, B.; Holdway, R. // 2002
In spite of the importance of a long-term view having been promoted in the literature, very little research has been undertaken to identify which companies are doing it. Even less research has shown ...

Forming a Base for a Manufacturing System Design and Evaluation Method

Karlsson, A. // 2002
In this paper, a base for a manufacturing system design and evaluation method is proposed. The main goal within the project is to create a method that addresses important aspects with manufacturing ...

Information Management for Multi-Technology Products

Svensson, D.; Crnkovic, I. // 2002
Software (SW) is an increasingly important part of many types of products. Companies designing and producing mechanical and hardware products have problems integrating the mechanics and hardware ...

Integrated Engineering Environment

Bojcetic, N.; Štorga, M.; Marjanovic, D. // 2002
Today’s major industrial challenge in computer-supported product development is to establish corporate development across enterprises. Corporative distributed product development and engineering ...

Internet-Based Engineering Projects Management

Skibicki, D.; Farbotko, M.; Sempruch, J. // 2002

Knowledge Management in Educational Engineering Design Projects

Bender, B.; Longmuß, J. // 2002
This paper describes an approach to a more systematic and goal directed way of handling knowledge in educational Engineering Design projects. The following questions and problems are addressed in ...

Knowledge Management to Support Innovation Processes

Hartlieb, E.; Leber, M.; Willfort, R. // 2002
In the commercial world of today knowledge and knowledge management are supposed to be indispensable prerequisites for the competitive ability of companies. This is why in the age of flood of ...

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