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Finding Tomorrow Today

Samperi, J.; Hollins, B.; Holdway, R. // 2002
In spite of the importance of a long-term view having been promoted in the literature, very little research has been undertaken to identify which companies are doing it. Even less research has shown ...

Forming a Base for a Manufacturing System Design and Evaluation Method

Karlsson, A. // 2002
In this paper, a base for a manufacturing system design and evaluation method is proposed. The main goal within the project is to create a method that addresses important aspects with manufacturing ...

Information Management for Multi-Technology Products

Svensson, D.; Crnkovic, I. // 2002
Software (SW) is an increasingly important part of many types of products. Companies designing and producing mechanical and hardware products have problems integrating the mechanics and hardware ...

Integrated Engineering Environment

Bojcetic, N.; Štorga, M.; Marjanovic, D. // 2002
Today’s major industrial challenge in computer-supported product development is to establish corporate development across enterprises. Corporative distributed product development and engineering ...

Internet-Based Engineering Projects Management

Skibicki, D.; Farbotko, M.; Sempruch, J. // 2002

Knowledge Management in Educational Engineering Design Projects

Bender, B.; Longmuß, J. // 2002
This paper describes an approach to a more systematic and goal directed way of handling knowledge in educational Engineering Design projects. The following questions and problems are addressed in ...

Knowledge Management to Support Innovation Processes

Hartlieb, E.; Leber, M.; Willfort, R. // 2002
In the commercial world of today knowledge and knowledge management are supposed to be indispensable prerequisites for the competitive ability of companies. This is why in the age of flood of ...

Management of Different Types of Configuration Knowledge with the K- & V-Matrix and Wiki

Puls, Ch.; Bongulielmi, L.; Henseler, P.; Meier, M. // 2002
The K- & V-Matrix is a description language for configuration knowledge. Its focus is on small and medium sized enterprises. While easy-to-use, it allows the user to describe a significant part of ...

Modular Products and Product Modularity - Implications for the Management of Innovation and for New Product Development

Cantamessa, M.; Rafele, C. // 2002
"Modular products" have become a hot topic in industry, even though the concept of modularity being used is wider than the one traditionally used by the engineering design literature. The ...

Modularity and Distributed Product Development

Hansen, P. K.; Gubi, E.; Hansen, B. G. // 2002
The paper describes the introduction of an architectural phase aiming at defining product modules at the Danish Company Bang & Olufsen. The result of the process has been a product with 10 ...

On Knowledge Level Theories and the Knowledge Management of Designing

Smithers, T. // 2002
The design and engineering of new products faces new and difficult challenges due to the globalisation of markets and the rapid development of new technologies. To be competitive, companies must ...

Product Development On The Fast Track

Burchardt, C.; Göttsch, N. // 2002
Product lifecycle management (PLM) focuses on the efficient utilization of existing know-how and resources. The challenges faced by car manufacturers are by no means new: They need to introduce ...

Radical Innovation and Design Research

Eloranta, K. T.; Riitahuhta, A.; Karvinen, M. // 2002
This paper contains a general description of our Radical Innovation Initiative for Tampere University of Technology (TUT) called Project RID. It is a programme for the development of innovation ...

Six Ingredients of Collaborative Virtual Design Environments

Horváth, I.; Vergeest, J. S. M.; Rusák, Z. // 2002
Collaborative virtual design environments (CVDEs) represent the fourth generation of CAD/E systems. These distributed design support systems are based on a still penetrating new paradigm. ...

The Application of Design Management Theory to a Real Design Projects

Hollins, B. // 2002
It is proposed that the theoretical models of design management have now moved from being too shallow to being too complex. As a result, they are not being used. Furthermore, they do not include an ...

The Creation of a Knowledge Sharing Culture for Effective Knowledge Management

Hallam, J.; Hodges, B.; Tabeshfar, K.; Velay, X. // 2002
This paper is based on research carried out as part of a workpackage concerned with change management in the 'Experts Enablers in the Machine Engineering Domain (XPERTS)' project. XPERTS ...

The Electronic Control Ignition and Fuel Injection System for Formula Student Racer Engine

Kegl, B.; Pehan, S. // 2002
In this paper some aspects of the Formula S project, team and racing car is briefly presented. Attention is focused on the air and fuel supply of engine. The intake manifold is planed from the ...

The Importance of Corporate Culture in Collaborative Product Design

Marxt, C. // 2002
Due to the increasing complexity of technologies and products, the search for new know-how as well as the shortening of development cycle times a lot of companies collaborate in (new) product design. ...

The Influences of Organisation on Leadership in the Design Process: Results of an Investigation in Five Industrial Companies

Lüdcke, R.; Birkhofer, H. // 2002
The concept of leadership is closely bonded with the concept of organization: one defines and influences the other. The consequences and situations in which these problems arise are shown in this ...

The Innovation-Styling Spectrum: Factors Constraining the Design Ambition of UK SMEs

Moultrie, J.; Fraser, P.; Clarkson, P. J. // 2002
This paper describes the development of a framework depicting a spectrum of approaches to managing industrial design. This framework is based on literature and case examples, and four representative ...


Tiihonen, Juha; Lehtonen, Timo; Soininen, Timo; Puikkinen, Antti; Sulonen, Reijo; Riitahuhta, Asko // 1998
This paper presents a method for managing and modelling a product family as a configurable product. The method enables efficient management of a large number of product variants. The modeling is ...


Nilsson, Per; Erixon, Gwmar // 1998
The deployment and use of a design method is dependent on the availability of the method. Easy available tools, largely increases its usefulness. Simplicity and clearness together with an easy ...

Boolean Searches

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  • design community
    Find rows that contain at least one of the two words.
  • +design +community
    Find rows that contain both words.
  • +design community
    Find rows that contain the word “design”, but rank rows higher if they also contain “community”.
  • +design -community
    Find rows that contain the word “design” but not “community”.
  • +design ~community
    Find rows that contain the word “design”, but if the row also contains the word “community”, rate it lower than if row does not.
  • +design +(>community <decisions)
    Find rows that contain the words “design” and “community”, or “design” and “decisions” (in any order), but rank “design community” higher than “design decisions”
  • design*
    Find rows that contain words such as “design”, “designs”, “designing”, or “designer”.
  • "some words"
    Find rows that contain the exact phrase “some words” (for example, rows that contain “some words of wisdom” but not “some noise words”). Note that the " characters that enclose the phrase are operator characters that delimit the phrase. They are not the quotation marks that enclose the search string itself.

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